The animated Easter bunnies on swing is an animated Easter decoration made in 1994-1995.There's a boy bunny on the left, and a girl bunny on the right. They have two different settings: Swinging motion with sound and silent swinging motion. When activated, they swing back and forth on the swing and they say "Happy Easter everyone" and Easter music plays. There are two known versions of this item. One version with a white swing and one version with a brown swing. Additionally, the bunnies have different outfits on both versions.

Gemmy Animated Easter Bunnies on a Swing

Animated bunnies on swing w/ original box (Brown swing version)

Gemmy Easter Bunnies on Swing Motionette Musical Animated-001:30

Gemmy Easter Bunnies on Swing Motionette Musical Animated-0

Easter Bunnies on swing in action (White swing version)

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