The animated Mr and Mrs Snow were made in 2004. The snowman wears a vest, a scarf, and a hat, and the snowwoman wears a dress, a scarf, and hat w/bow. When activated, they sway side-to-side, turn their heads, and light up their cheeks red to Baby, It's Cold Outside.

mr and mrs snow out of the box


mr and mrs snow in the box

Gemmy singing animated Mr and Mrs Snowman-0

Gemmy singing animated Mr and Mrs Snowman-0

mr and mrs snow in action

Trivia Edit

They're very similar to the Spinning Snowflake Snowman because they have the exact same outfit as the 2004 model of the spinning snowflake snowman and snowflake spinning snowwoman.

theres also a prototype of this item called Frosty and Crystal kissing scene. since they have the same base is them

Animated Frosty and Female Snowwoman couple

Frosty and Crystal kissing scene (prototype)