The animated singing snowman is an animated Christmas decoration made in 1997. He wears a black top hat with a holly on it, a red and green square pattern scarf, red mittens and has 2 black buttons on his belly. He moves his head, mouth, and right arm while he sings "Frosty the snowman".

Animated dancing snowman

Animated snowman with the box

Variations Edit

-Version 1-Plays "Frosty the snowman", looks like the model featured on the right

-Verison 2-Plays "Frosty the snowman", has the appearance of the Cartoon Frosty

-Version 3-Plays "Let it snow", and looks like the model featured on the right

Trivia Edit

There is a knockoff that has no legs and has cartoon eyes. It sings "Last Christmas" and "We wish you a merry Christmas", but the recording for "We wish you a merry christmas" sounds like the one from the Santa Tree.