The Apollo Creed hamster was made in 2002, and is part of the Dancing Hamsters collection, as well as being based on the character Apollo Creed from the "Rocky III" movie. He wears patriotic themed boxers, red boxing gloves, and an Uncle Sam hat, just like Apollo Creed himself. He moves his arms in a boxing motion and tilts his head side to side as he says Apollo Creed's lines from the movie in a hamster voice and sings "Gonna Fly Now".

Gemmy Dancing Hamster - Apollo Creed - Rocky III The Movie

Apollo Creed hamster in the box

List of phrasesEdit

-"Apollo Creed vs. the Italian stallion. Sounds like a monster movie."

-"Remember, you fight great, but I'm a great fighter!"

-"Time to put some hustle behind this muscle!"

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