RARE Gemmy BOOGIE BEAR BIG BAND BIG BELLY Singing Animated Plush Stuffed Toy

Big Band Big Belly Boogie Bear in box

Sing n swing bear

Big band big belly boogie bear

Big Band Big Belly Boogie Bear is a brown bear made in 2002 and is part of the Really Wild Wildlife series. He wears a black hat, a red necktie with white dots on it and blue pants with red straps on them. He moves his belly up and down, wiggles his arms, taps his foot, twists side to side and moves his mouth as he sings "It don't mean a thing" and "Boogie woogie bugle boy" and talks.

Listen to his sound here:

Boogie bear sound
Singing Boogie Bear

Big Band Big Belly Boogie Bear (No clothes version)


-This is one of the rarest Gemmy items in the series.

-There is another version of this item without the clothing.

-It is very fragile and breaks easily, due to poor designing.
Gemmy animated Big Band Big Belly Boogie Bear (RARE)02:21

Gemmy animated Big Band Big Belly Boogie Bear (RARE)

Boogie Bear (Clothes Version) in action

Gemmy animated singing bear (EXTREMELY RARE)00:40

Gemmy animated singing bear (EXTREMELY RARE)

Boogie Bear (No clothes version)

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