The Bongo Valentine Frog is an animated plush character made in 2004. He's a red frog with white hands, feet and belly and has red hearts in his eyes. He wears a black bowtie and holds a pair of pink bongos with little red hearts on them. The bongos light up as the frog moves his head, arms and mouth while singing "Who put the bop".

Gemmy Animated Frog Playing Bongo Drums Singing Cant Buy Me Love Toy

Bongo Valentine Frog

Trivia Edit

-There is another version of this item that has an identical appearance and it sings "Can't buy me love" by the Beatles.

-The bongo design on this item is the same one used on the valentine's day version of the Bongo Gorilla.

-There are knockoff toys of a king frog and sailor turtle playing a drum, which use the exact same recording of "Who put the bop" that this item does, only it's sped up.

-The song "Who put the bop" was also used in a dancing hamster from the "Romacin' hamster" series.

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