The Booty Shaker Fisherman is an animated figure made in 2007. The fisherman wears a light brown hat, a black fisherman outfit with yellow vest, black slacks, and boots. He holds a fishing pole in his right hand, and a blue fish in his left hand. He dances, spins around and shakes his booty while the song "Born to boogie" and says 6 different phrases.

Animated Singing Fisher Man Angler Gemmy Born to Boogie

Booty Shaker Fisherman


-"I hooked a big one! See? Sure looks like a keeper!"

-"I'd rather be fishin' or dancin' if they ain't bitin'!"

-"Shake it till the fish come home! Catch and release? Okay, catch and release, baby!"

-"Catch and release? Okay, catch and release, baby!"

-"Check out my bait! It reels 'em in every time!"

-"Hooka Chaka Hooka Chaka! This is my caught a whooper dance!"


-This character also has a Dashboard Driver replica that says more fishing related comments.

Booty Shaker Fisherman02:02

Booty Shaker Fisherman

Booty Shaker Fisherman in action


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