Shake your bear00:31

Shake your bear

Bear version in action

Booty Shaking Reindeer (Gemmy Industries 2005?)00:38

Booty Shaking Reindeer (Gemmy Industries 2005?)

The Booty Shakers are assorted animated dancing figures made in 2005. Each one is dressed differently and stands on a circular pedistal. When activated, the character dances and the top plate of the plate spins around as the charcater shakes its butt in a circular motion to a popular song


-These items were remade in a way in 2015 and were named the Animated Dancers, as they're very similar, minus the spinning base.

List of Booty ShakersEdit

Santa (Realistic version)-phrases (no song.)

Cowboy Santa (I like to Move it)

Santa- "Shake Your Groove Thing" and many phrases

Santa-"Get Ready For This"

Snowman (2010 model)- "Baby Got Back" & "Jingle Bells"

Homer as santa-"Jingle Bells" and "Deck The Halls" and also says phrases

Reindeer-"Shake Your Booty"

Reindeer II- "Gonna Make You Sweat"

Gorilla- "Boom Boom Boom"

Snowman-"Shake Your Groove Thing"

Snowman-"I've Got The Power" (red and blue versions)

Christmas bear-"Shake Your Booty"

Homer (non Christmas version)- Shake Your Booty

Frankenstein's Monster-"Get Ready For This"

Skeleton- "Livin La Vida Loca"

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