Bud the talking bear is made in 2005. He's a giant bear rug made to look like a real bear rug. He moves his jaw up and down and talks and he sings "Too much time on my hands" and "I'm bad I'm nationwise".
New!! Rare!! Vtg GEMMY ''Bud The Talking Bear Skin Rug''

Bud the talking bear in the box

Trivia Edit

-The movement of Bud's mouth is opposite to what it's supposed to be. Instead of his mouth down when he talks, his mouth moves UP to the words.

-There are 2 versions of Bud. A clean version and a dirty version. The dirty version says a phrase "Ladies, let's get naked". The clean version says other clean things.

-Bud has 2 motion sensors. One on the front of his head, and one on the back of his head.


Bud the talking bear skin rug

"Bud" The Bear Skin Rug01:08

"Bud" The Bear Skin Rug

Bud the bear in action (Clean version)

Bear skin rug03:24

Bear skin rug

Bud the bear in action (Dirty version)

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