The Burmese Fat Cat is an animated plush toy made in 2003, and is part of the Dog & Cat dance club series. He's a yellow and white Tabby Cat that wears a yellow bib that reads "Got Mice" on it and he holds a little toy mouse in his left hand. He moves his upper body back and forth and his belly moves in and out as he breathes to the song "You Sexy Thing", and says one of 3 different phrases followed by him saying "Let's eat." after the song.

Musical Animated ''BURMESE FAT CAT'' Moves to ''YOU SEXY THING'' Gemmy Ind.

Burmese Fat Cat in the box


  • "That's a wrap!
  • "I'm spent!"
  • "Oh brother!"


  • The recording of "You Sexy Thing" played by this toy is the longest of any Gemmy item's recording. It is overall the second longest Gemmy recording, while the first with the longest EVER is the pop culture series' Abbott and Costello.
  • The "Got Mice?" logo on the bob is a parody of the classic "Got Milk? " logo.
    Gemmy - Burmese Fat Cat01:22

    Gemmy - Burmese Fat Cat

    Burmese Fat Cat in action

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