Candy Shop is Frogz is made in 2007-2008 and is part of the Frogz series.


He moves side to side as he sings "Candy Shop". His song is an inappropriate song, and he was sold at Spencer's Gifts, Hot Topic, and Walmart. He is VERY rare no matter what color he is.
51IlF7Soj2L. SS500

Green Candy Shop


-There is a rare green version and a extremely rare blue version

-He is part of the Hip Hop series
(Gemmy) Frogz - Candy Shop00:30

(Gemmy) Frogz - Candy Shop

Green Candy Shop Frogz with box

Frogz - Candy Shop (inappropiate Frogz)00:33

Frogz - Candy Shop (inappropiate Frogz)

Blue Candy Shop Frogz with box

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