Animated Caroling Bart Simpson

Caroling Bart Simpson

Caroling Bart is an animated Christmas decoration made in 2002-2004, and is based on the Simpsons character "Bart Simpson". Bart is dressed in a Santa hat and blue scarf, and holds a Christmas songbook in his hands. His head sways back and forth and his mouth moves as he sings a parody of "Jingle bells" and says many funny phrases.
Caroling Bart sound


-If you listen closely, you'll notice the music of "Jingle bells" used is the same music used from the old 5ft life size singing santa.

-in 2012, "Santa's Best" made a singing Bart elf with a much better quality recording of the song

(Gemmy) Caroling Bart Simpson - Own Version of Jingle Bells

(Gemmy) Caroling Bart Simpson - Own Version of Jingle Bells.

Caroling Bart in action

Phrases Edit

-"Aye, Carumba!"

-"My powers of deduction tell me you're getting a handmade sweater, possibly yellow."

-"Dear Santa, I can't promise I'll try to be good, but I'll try to try."

-"Hot stuff coming through!"

-"(sigh) why does Christmas never end?"

-"Oh boy its Christmas day gov'na have a little figgy pudding and a snifter of yuletide log."

-"One more lump of coal and I'm outta here."

-"(sigh) Those aluminum kiech trees are so fake, from now on, the Simpsons are plastic all the way."

-"Why would Santa choose to live in the north pole when he could live in Vegas?"

-"And for the office of Christmas turkey, I nominate my dad, Homer Simpson."

-"(laughs) I knew Santa wouldn't have time to check that list twice!"

-"Dear Santa, I haven't been good this year, but I make everyone else look good so that should count as something!"

"Dear Santa, If you bring me lots of good stuff,I promise I won't do anything bad from now until I wake up."