The gemmy cheerleader snowman (or snow woman) is an animated Christmas plush toy made in 2007, and was sold at Walmart. She wears a blue cheerleader outfit, pom poms, and a matching winter hat. She twists her body side to side, raises her arms, and nods her head as she sings two songs which are Christmas parody of "Hey Mickey" which is called "Hey Santa" and the other is a Christmas cheer.



-As this items movements are described, the Cheerleader snowman appears to have the same movements as a few varients of the Funky Monkeys and Turtle Dancers. -There is also a penguin version of this. It sings the same songs and does the same movements, but it is a penguin.

Snowman cheer00:25

Snowman cheer

Snowman Cheerleader in action

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