The animated Christmas Porky Pig was made in 2002 and is based on the Looney Tunes character "Porky Pig". Porky is dressed in a Santa Claus outfit and he holds a microphone in his right hand. He turns his head and moves his head and arm while singing "Blue Christmas" and also says a few different phrases.

Animated Christmas porky pig figure

Animated Christmas Porky Pig w/ box


-This item has the same mechanism as the Dean Martin figure, and the same Santa suit as the Christmas Bing Crosby figure, both from the Pop culture series.

Gemmy Animated Looney Tunes "Singing Porky Pig" (RARE)09:29

Gemmy Animated Looney Tunes "Singing Porky Pig" (RARE)

Christmas Porky Pig in action

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