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Cool Catfish

Cool Catfish is an animated singing fish plaque made in 2000. He is a channel catfish mounted to an oval shaped plaque made of realistic looking plastic wood with a black line surrounding it. He moves his head, tail, and mouth as he sings "Bad to the Bone" and says 20 hysterical phrases.

All 20 phrasesEdit

  • What are you looking at?
  • Got any worms?
  • And you think you got it bad!
  • Pork. The other white meat!
  • How about a game of Go Fish?
  • C`mon buddy...can you help me get out of here?
  • (Burp) Excuse me! I must`ve eaten a bad worm!
  • Don`t look at me that way!
  • Something smells fishy around here!
  • You can tune a piano,but you can`t tuna fish!
  • What`s the`ve never seen a talking fish before?
  • Holy Mackerel!
  • I`m just here for the Halibut!
  • Hey! Drop me a line sometime!
  • I`m busting outta here tonight...ya with me?
  • (Barking sounds) What were you expecting, a meow?
  • Where`s the beef?
  • Is this my fifteen minutes of fame?
  • Can we talk?
  • So you never heard of Catch & Release?


  • Like Bubba Catfish, Cool Catfish has hillbilly teeth in his mouth.
  • There is a rapping version that sings "I'm a Real Cool Cat".
  • Cool Catfish, Singing Bony Soul, and Big Mouth Billy Bones are the only fish that sing "Bad To the Bone".
  • One of the phrases Cool Catfish says resembles from the joke of the difference of a piano and a fish.
  • There are actually 6 versions of Cool Catfish. One with a nameplate, one without a nameplate, the rapping version, which also doesn't have a nameplate, the talking Bubba Catfish, Bass Pro Shops exclusive Bubba Catfish, and the Bubba Catfish that sings "Rock the Boat" and "Do Wa Diddy Diddy".