Count Vigor is an animated Halloween prop made in 2006-2007. He wears a red and black cape and tuxedo and holds a goblet in his hand (Can be filled with candy). He turns his head and moves his mouth and eyes as they glow red or white while he talks.
Gemmy Halloween Count Vigor Vampire

Lifesize Count Vigor

Phrases Edit

  • " Ah, good evening, I'm so pleased to see you could make it. Come. We are expecting you for dinner."
  • "I want to drink a toast to your arrival later. But don't worry, I will find you...when I am ready."
  • "Greetings. My name is Vigor. Count Vigor. If I may be of any assistance to you...just scream."
  • " yourself to any refreshments in my home. I shall partake...later."
  • "Ah, Wonderful. You've arrived. Please, make yourself at home. My your cape."
  • "Hello. I am The Count. Do you know why they call me The Count? You will find out ... soon enough."
  • "Oh good ! I was hoping you would come. You have a beautiful knack for conversation. Something I can really sink my teeth into."
  • "Okay, Okay. Stop me if you've heard this one. What did the vampire say to the other vampire? Hey is that you coffin'?"


Spirit EXCLUSIVE 2006 6 Foot Animated Vampire- Count Vigor01:50

Spirit EXCLUSIVE 2006 6 Foot Animated Vampire- Count Vigor

Count Vigor in action

This item has the same background music as the spirit balls.

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