The Country pigs is a series of animated dancing plush pigs made in 2006- 2007. Each one is dressed in different country and wester accents and dances to a popular country song

List of Country PigsEdit

Country Pig's name Song
Coy "I like it, I love it"
Harlan "I've been everywhere"
Enos "Sold"
(Unknown Name) "Honky Tonk"
(Unknown Name) "On The Road Again"
Valentines (Unknown Name) (Unknown Song)


-This series is similar to The Road Hogs

-Coy and the "I aint as good as I once was" frogz have the same outfits

Country Pigs Coy (gemmy item)00:30

Country Pigs Coy (gemmy item)

Coy in action

Gemmy country pigs Enos with banjo-000:33

Gemmy country pigs Enos with banjo-0

Enos in action

(Gemmy) Country Pigs - Harlan - I've Been Everywhere00:40

(Gemmy) Country Pigs - Harlan - I've Been Everywhere

Harlan in action

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