Dancing loafers

Dancing loafers that play the Motown hit "Let's Twist Again"

There were loafers that played Let's Twist Again and go-go boots that played These Boots Were Made for Walking. Each one of them spun and tapped when you pushed the left toe. They were made in 2003.


These collectable items are very rare, but it's unknown if there were more in the series.

The Go-Go boots have the same recording as the These Boots Are Made For Walking Turtle.

The dancing go-go boots were sold at Rite-Aid and Spencer Gifts and were dubbed "The Original Dancing Shoes."

Singing dancing go go boots-000:41

Singing dancing go go boots-0

These are Gemmy's dancing go-go boots.

Go go boots by gemmy

Go-Go Boots that play These Boots Were Made For Walking

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