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Donna the Dead.

The original 5ft Donna the Dead is an animated life-sized prop made in 2006 and 2007.

The original variant wears a white gown and has black hair. She sways and her eyes glow green while she moans and wind howls.

Models Edit

  1. White Gown Donna (original)
  2. Beige Gown with Pumpkin (Michael's)
  3. Black Gown with knife and severed head (Spirit Halloween)
Images (1)

Spirit Halloween exclusive version.


Michael's Exclusive version.

Gemmy 5ft Donna the Dead

Gemmy 5ft Donna the Dead. Donna the Dead

Video of Donna the Dead in action.

5FT - Donna the Dead

5FT - Donna the Dead

Setup video for Donna the Dead