The expressions of joy is a series of animated plush characters made in 2011. They move their heads and arms and wiggle their eyebrows up and down as a popular song or song parody plays.


Penguin-Trutti frutti



Pig-Wild thing

Dalmatian-Trutti Friutti

Teddy bear-Respect

Gemmy Expression of Joy Santa01:34

Gemmy Expression of Joy Santa

Santa version in action

Gemmy expression of joy reindeer re upload00:48

Gemmy expression of joy reindeer re upload

Reindeer version in action

Gemmy expressions of joy penguin-000:36

Gemmy expressions of joy penguin-0

Penguin version in action

(Gemmy) Expressions Of Joy - Pig - Wild Thing-100:24

(Gemmy) Expressions Of Joy - Pig - Wild Thing-1

Pig version in action

Gemmy Expressions of Joy Dalmatian-000:35

Gemmy Expressions of Joy Dalmatian-0

Dalmatian version in action

(Gemmy) Expressions Of Joy - Frog - Respect00:43

(Gemmy) Expressions Of Joy - Frog - Respect

Frog version in action

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