The Eyeball Doorbell is an animated Halloween prop made in 2015. This item come in 3 different colors; Red, white, and black. Each one has a doorbell with a silver eyelid covering the eye, a button, and text reading "Push to Ring". When activated, the eyelid opens, the eye looks side to side, and light up green as it says 4 phrases.

Where this item was soldEdit

-The red version was sold at Big Lots, At Home, Canadian Tire, J. Marcus, Loblwas, and Walmart Canada

-The white version was sold at Walmart Great Britan and ASDA.

- The black version was sold at Target


Gemmy Halloween Animated Eyeball Doorbell00:43

Gemmy Halloween Animated Eyeball Doorbell

Eyeball Doorbell in action

Creepy Animated Halloween Eyeball Doorbell00:09

Creepy Animated Halloween Eyeball Doorbell

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