Fraidy Cat is a popular animated Halloween decoration made in 2003. When these were first released, they had yellow eyes that lit up when activated. He meows and screeches as he arches his back and singing a short demo of the song "Somebody's watching me".

Fraidy cat

Fraidy Cat


-There is also another version of this that has green eyes. It's more likely you can find the green eyed version more than the yellow eyed version.

-A 3rd version was made that has orange eyes, and it's the 2nd rarest.

-When on sensor mode, Fraidy cat meows 4 times and sings the full version of "Somebody's watching me"

-The Prototype of this item sings "Stray Cat Strut".

-Originally, he was going to come back in 2015 as the Mummy Cat, a different looking version, that would have sang "Thriller", but he was sadly cancelled at the last minute.    
Hqdefault 5

One of the only known picture of the Mummy cat


Gemmy Halloween Fraidy Cat (Green Eyes)01:02

Gemmy Halloween Fraidy Cat (Green Eyes)

Green eyed version in action

Halloween Gemmy Sings Stray Cat Strut Black Cat Animated Prop Fraidy Cat01:01

Halloween Gemmy Sings Stray Cat Strut Black Cat Animated Prop Fraidy Cat

Prototype in action!

Gemmy Fraidy Cat01:12

Gemmy Fraidy Cat

Yellow eyed version in action

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