Gemmy Friendly Frog (Rare Rock version)00:31

Gemmy Friendly Frog (Rare Rock version)

3rd version

Friendly Frog is an animated singing rubber frog made in 2004. The frog sits on a log with green leaves on it. He moves his mouth as he flicks his tongue out and sings a popular song. Version 1 sings "Joy to the world", version 2 sings "Spiders and snakes", and version 3 sings "Sitting on the dock of the bay".
Gemmy singing frog on rock00:37

Gemmy singing frog on rock

Friendly Frog (Version 1) in action

My Singing Frog-143603898000:47

My Singing Frog-1436038980

Friendly Frog (Version 2) in action

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