(Gemmy)-Turtle Dancers-Funkytown00:32

(Gemmy)-Turtle Dancers-Funkytown

Regular Version in action

Turtle goes to funky town01:35

Turtle goes to funky town

Valentines Day Version in action



You Dropped a Bomb on Me Version in action (To the left of Cha Cha Slide Turtle)

Интерактивные игрушки Черепашка DJ00:31

Интерактивные игрушки Черепашка DJ

The Knockoff in action

 Funky Town Turtle is one of the Turtle Dancers


Funky Town Turtle sings Funky Town while she moves her arms up and down.


-There is a Valentines Day version (Coltonandgen has this one.

-There is a version that looks like the You Dropped A Bomb on Me Turtle

-There is a extremely rare rubber knockoff of it, one for get down on it also exists. It was also made in Russia.

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