Funtime Gifts is a company from London that distributes Gemmy toys and many other novelty goods. Many of the gemmy items have a Sticker placed over the Gemmy information showing Funtime. Sometimes the company "David Halsall" is also sometimes stickered over Gemmy Dancing Hamster Items also.


An example of Funtime Stickers on Gemmy Boxes.


Gemmy Toys that Funtime Gifts have redistributed to the UK Audience:Edit


Frogz: They helped distribute three known standing Frogz (not the purple standing Usher frog and the Christmas standing Santa In Da Club Frogz), which were exclusive to UK buyers.

Some exclusives to the UK Included: 

  • Crazy In Love standing (Had a light up heart)

    Funtime logo 2002

  •  In Da Club Standing (Had a light up tooth)
  •  Ride Wit Me standing (had a litght up tooth as well)
  • In Da Club sitting (Hand button)
  • Funtime3

    2nd Funtime Gifts Logo (Around 2005)

    Crazy In Love sitting (Hand Button)
  • Usher Sitting Christmas Frogz (In the style of In Da Club) (Exclusive to British Home Stores (BHS))
Some Gemmy versions redistributed to the UK via Funtime Included:

Funtime Logo 2014

  • Ride Wit Me
  • Candy Shop (Blue Skinned version)
  • Pink
  • 40th Birthday (RARE)
  • 5 O'Clock Somewhere
  • Happy Birthday (Beatles)
  • Celebration (No Hat)
  • No Scrubs (Green Skinned with red hair)
  • Usher Yeah (Green Skinned version)

Dancing Hamster: (The Hamsters themselves weren't changed that much. They still had the Gemmy battery covers on the bottom, but have an ear tag with the Funtime Logo instead of the Gemmy logo.) The main changes were on the actual hamster boxes, showing hardly or none at all of the Gemmy theme.

Some exclusives in the UK Included:

  • Cowboy (Wild Critter Cody variation that sang Rawhide) (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Red Baron (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Barber Ben (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Champ (Freddie Mercury - This hamster has many flaws in it's robotics) (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Devil (Two variations - Light up heart and no heart variations) (Both Have a Gemmy Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Luigi (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Cleo (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Kung Fu Hamster (Nun-chuck, mace and shield,- Nun Chuck Black Robe versions were the widely sold!) (Black robe with Nun-Chuck has a Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Happy Birthday (Special Edition version for the UK Audiences!) (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Football (Special Edition version, More Newer though) (No Tag but 2 variations)
  • Beach Bum (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Bride (Special Deluxe Edition - Very Rare to find boxed - had a unique box) (No Tags on Funtime Version, The Hamsterette (Gemmy version) has one)
  • Buck and Chuck (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Fireman (Marshall variation that sang Hot Stuff) (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Fisherman (Fly Guy variation that sang Going Fishing) (Gemmy Tag Confirmed!)
  • Skarey (Beware the Grim Reaper!) (Gemmy Tag Confirmed!)
  • Sugar Ray Clay (4 different versions - Mostly the White/Red version was distributed in UK)
  • Queenie (Princess variation that sang Dancing Queen) (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Hombre (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Sexy Rex (Funtime Tag Variation Confirmed!)
  • Ghost Buster (Spooky variation that sang the same song) (Even though it says Ghost Buster on the back, they are all Gemmy Tags - Confirmed!)
  • Phat Daddy Mac II (With different box) (No Tag)
  • Santa in Tinsel outfit (No Tag) (VERY RARE)
  • Santa in Fluffy outfit (No Tag) (RARE)

Some Unknown Funtime variations include:

  • Smooth (Apparently plays "Play that Funky Music)" which actually Gemmy's Whitey sings instead of "Ladies Night), so could be a misprint on the Funtime poster)
  • Easter Bunny Outfit
  • Chicken Outfit - (We know of the Gemmy Version, but is there a Funtime Version?)
  • Fisherman - Blues Version
  • Angels (One confirmed to sing Let it Snow, but there is 2 more variations supposedly)

The Funtime Gifts Dancing Hamster Poster.

Some Gemmy versions redistributed to the UK via Funtime Included:

  • Jailhouse Rick (Sold via Argos) (Also sold on also at one time)
  • Sugar
  • Kung Fu Hamster (A few of the Gemmy versions were sold via Argos in the UK) (Also sold on also at one time)

    A catalogue cutout of the Kung Fu Hamster sold by Argos.

  • Nanako
  • Wild Willie
  • Larry Love II
  • Larry Love (PVC)
  • Phat Daddy Mac (PVC)
  • Phat Daddy Mac II (Also sold on also at one time)
  • Happy Birthday (PVC)
  • Sleepy Simon (PVC)
  • Dapper Dan (PVC)
  • Gigolo Jo (PVC)
  • Buck and Chuck (PVC)
  • Vince (Romancing) (exclusive to at the time)
  • Dutchie
  • Sexy Rex
  • Valarie Valentine (Rare)
  • Chick
  • Doc
  • Hombre
  • Luigi

Funtime also brought to the UK some of the Mini DH to British Home Stores (BHS) which include:


The IwantOneOfThose page back in February 2007 advertising Vince as the "Love Hamster" to the UK Audiences.

  • Kung Fu (White and Black Robe versions) (Also sold on Amazon)
  • Dolly
  • In Da Club
  • Jorge (La Bamba!)
  • Hyper
  • April

Funtime also brought other Various Gemmy Items to the UK including but not limited to:

  • Road Rage Drivers (Blue with orange hair version is most common) (Sold on Amazon at one point)
  • Crocodile Rock (Hip Swinging)
  • Caddyshack Gopher (Hip Swinging)
  • Rawhide Horse
  • Spinning Snowflake Snowman (Blue waistcoat)
  • Harry D Ape (Green Hawaiian Shirt Versions)
  • Dancing Homer Simpson, Disco Homer, Hula Homer, Car Road Rage Homer also.

    The Unique Gif on the IwantOneOfThose page back in February 2007 advertising Vince as the "Love Hamster" to the UK Audiences.

  • Radical Reptiles
  • Movin' Monkeys
  • Turtle Dancers
  • The Igpays (Pig Latin Tutors) 3 in the set. (Lover, Storyteller and Philosopher)
  • Anger Management 101 (The Chokers) - Husband, Referee, Chicken and Boss. (Bully version UNKNOWN if released)


  • Alot of the Groovin Ghouls and Grave Ravers - (Sold by Tesco,Sainsburys,Wilko,Morrisons and Asda over the years), - Devil, Ghost, Rapping Ghost, Skeleton and Witch.
  • Lifesize Props (Mostly by Walmarts counterpart Asda) Things such as the Butlers and Witches are seen.
  • Spirit Balls
  • Scared Cat (Green Eyes)
  • Big Head Halloween characters (Frankenstein and Skeleton Variations and Witch)
  • Freaky Geeks (Frankenstein and Skeleton Variations) (Butt dancing Frankenstein too) Sold at Asda at one time.


  • Tinsel Mice, Merry Mice and Holiday Pals.
  • Christmas dancing Homer Simpson. Caroling Bart, Homer Stuck in the Chimney.
  • Merry Monsters
  • Large Rapping Christmas Characters (2 different versions of Snowman and Santa Claus).
  • Boing Christmas Pals
  • Rawhide Santa
  • Santa Stuck in the Fridge
  • Holly Dollies (Tree and Present versions)


  • Funtime also made a Hip Hop Penguin exclusive to British Home Stores that sang the In Da Club with the same circuit as the In Da club Frogz.
  • Also distributed in the UK were many other Easter,Halloween and Christmas items - more commonly the Christmas range which had Dark Blue Boxes and a few red boxes.
  • The Igpays (Pig Latin Tutors) and Anger Management 101 (The Chokers) featured Chair styled packaging in which they can sit in.