The galaxy plaques are a collection of animated wall plaques based on the sun moon and stars made in 2000. Each one has a unique design. The mouth moves as each plaque sings a different song.

Living garden singing moon plaque

Moon plaque in box

Moon-"That's Amore"

Sun-"I can see clearly now"

Golden moon- "Dancing in the moonlight"

Golden sun (blue plaque)- "I can see clearly now"

Golden sun- (red plaque)- I can see clearly now

Sun (Circular plaque)- You are my sunshine


The galaxy plaques are based on ancient cave dwellings of the sun and moon from millions of years ago.

Gemmy Animated Sun and Moon Wall Hanging I Can See Clearly And Amore

Golden Galaxy plaques w/ blue background

Clay Look 3D Singin SUN FACE Placque Music Animated Gemmy

Singing sun plaque

Living garden singing sun plaque

Sun plaque in box



Sun plaque in action

Gemmy singing moon wall plaque (Re-upload)00:33

Gemmy singing moon wall plaque (Re-upload)

Moon plaque in action

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