Here at Gemmy Wiki, we enjoy writing information about various Gemmy Items within the world!!! If you are new to this wiki, here are some rules you must follow.

1. No insulting others within the Gemmy wiki.

2. No blocking/unblocking without a good and valid reason.

3. Do not make pages for custom Gemmy products on this wiki. If you have custom Gemmy product ideas, submit them to either Fanmade Gemmy Wiki or Idea Wiki.

4. Try not to use profane language, for anybody of any age can be on here.

5. No sexual content.

6. No racism.

7. No bullying.

8. Do not make nonsensical edits to pages. EXAMPLE: The Frogz page reading "Can somebody fix my sink?"

9. Do not post comments that are not affiliated with Gemmy Industries and/or its products. EXAMPLE: The Airblown Inflatable Page with a comment that reads "I like turtles.".

10. No sharing of personal information (example: House Address, Phone Number)

Breaking these rules will result in at least a three day block. If you break the rules 2 times it will result in a 3 week block. If you break the rules 3 times it will result in a 3 month block. If you break the rules 4 or more times you are banned forever.

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