Gladys garland and the tips is an animated Christmas decoration made in 2001 and is very similar to the Douglas Fir talking tree. This one features 3 faces. One in the middle, and one on each end of the garland. The middle face sings Motown twists on "Jingle Bells" and "Santa Claus is coming to town" and the faces on the ends sing back up of the 2 songs. The Garland is 9 feet long.

Gladys garland & the tip's, (singing garland!) by Gemmy02:23

Gladys garland & the tip's, (singing garland!) by Gemmy

Gladys Garland (Version 1) in action

Trivia Edit

-The name of this product is a parody of the musical group "Gladys Knight And the pips".

-This is in the "Gemmy...a holiday tradition" series.

-3 Versions Were Made: The Most Common Version does NOT have light up eyes, Versions 2 And 3 DO Have Light Up Eyes, Version 2 Has Green Eyes, and Version 3 Has Yellow Eyes.

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