Were you looking for this item's earlier model, Animated skeleton in cage?

The Gotta Go Caged Skeleton is an animated Halloween decoration made in 2005-2007. 
$ 5

Gotta Go Caged Skeleton in the box

He is a skeleton in a silver cage with iron bars, a grey brick floor, and bones on the ground. His arms are being held up by chains. When activated via button, motion, or sound, he shakes around and a strobe light flashes while he says 5 phrases.
$ 50

Gotta Go Caged Skeleton


- (Groans) Let me out, let me outta here! (Screams).

- I gotta get out, I gotta get out now! Somebody, anybody!

- Open the door! Get me outta here, now, I'm not kidding!

- Ok, jokes over, ha ha ha, Open the door, let me out!

- Ok, I got a real emergency here! Open the door, this is not a drill!


- He was sold at Walmart in 2005 and Target in 2006-2007.

- There is a 2nd version with chains replacing the iron bars.

- There is an earlier version that sings "Bad to the Bone", which is more rare


Gemmy he's gotta go caged skeleton01:28

Gemmy he's gotta go caged skeleton

Normal version in action

Gemmy caged skeleton animated Halloween prop00:42

Gemmy caged skeleton animated Halloween prop

Rare chain bar version in action

(Gemmy) Animated Skeleton in Cage Prop HALLOWEEN!02:30

(Gemmy) Animated Skeleton in Cage Prop HALLOWEEN!

Older version in action

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