Graves the fat Butler was a lifesize Gemmy item made in 2007. He is dresed in a black suit with a red tie. He holds a tray for candy or light refreshments. When activated, his eyes light up and he moves his head, mouth and eyes as he says multiple phrases including...

  • "Good evening. I would offer you a refreshment, but I fear you might become suspicious."
  • "I say, you are looking wonderful this evening. Then again...I say a lot of things."
  • "Care for something? I highly recommend you first ensure it has been properly prepared. Touch it, and see if it moves."
  • "I hope you'll enjoy these delicacies. They'll surprise you. One bite is like a knife in the back."
  • "I do hope I'll not have to clean up after anybody tonight - and I do mean....any BODY."
  • As I understand it, the Master is indisposed at the moment. Please be patient, as it's quite difficult to dispose of certain things these days."
  • "Please, take one of my treats, here. True, they are bad for your health...but then again-- so is upsetting me."
  • "So good of you to come. We've begun to run short on friends around here. But, you'll probably make it out in one piece."
Gemmy 6ft Animated Fat Butler01:24

Gemmy 6ft Animated Fat Butler

Graves the fat butler in action

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