The Groovin Cocker Spaniel is an animated dancing and singing dog made in 2003 and is part of the Dog & Cat dance club series. He wears a black leather jacket and a gold bling necklace. He raises his arms and shuffles back and forth while singing "Get down tonight".

Gemmy animated dancing black and white dog COOL

Grooving cocker spaniel

Listen to his sound here:

Grooving Cocker Spaniel sound
Dog & Cat Dance Club Grooving Cocker Spaniel Plush Musical 13'' Toy Puppy NEW

Grooving Cocker Spaniel in the box

Gemmy - Grooving Cocker Spaniel00:36

Gemmy - Grooving Cocker Spaniel

Grooving Cocker Spaniel in action

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