Gemmy Dog & Cat Dance Club - Grooving Chihuahua

Grooving Chihuahua in the box

The grooving chihuahua is an animated dancing dog made in 2003, and is part of the Dog & Cat dance club series. He wears a mexican coat and hat and holds little beads in his hands. He moves his arms up and down as he shuffles back and forth to the song "Oye Como Va".


  • This has almost the same appearnce as humphery the humping dog and the big balls chihuahua.
  • This item is one of the few Groovin' characters to hold things in their hands.
Week 6- Gemmy Grooving Chihuahua05:29

Week 6- Gemmy Grooving Chihuahua

Grooving Chihuahua in action

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