Gemmy 1997 Harvey the harvest scarecrow talking singing animated prop

Harvey the Harvest Scarecrow with box.

Harvey the Harvest Scarecrow is an animated fall decoration made in 1997. He wears brown and beige overalls, a red bandanna around his neck and a black hat. He turns his head and moves his arms, and his eyelids and mouth move as he talks.


  • Why hello! My name is Harvey the Talking Scarecrow! Who says scarecrows don't have a brain? I have a tree from harvest! Happy harvest, everyone!
  • Why hello! Fall's a great time of year. (to the tune of "It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas") And it's beginning to look a lot like Harvest. Everywhere you go! (normal) Happy Harvest, everyone!


  • There is a rarer, possible prototype version, who's colors mainly consist of gray.
  • Harvey's facial mechanics are very similar to the same ones used by Douglas Fir.
Gemmy animated Harvey the harvest scarecrow (RARE)00:53

Gemmy animated Harvey the harvest scarecrow (RARE)

Harvey in action (gray version).

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