The Haunted Infinity Mirror is a Halloween decoration made in 2017. It gives the appearance of an ordinary classical wall mirror. When activated by button or motion sensor, the glass of the mirror reveals a vortex filled with small blue LED lights and the face of either a ghost girl or a reaper who's eyes light up and flash as moans and eerie music plays.

Haunted Infinity Mirror

Haunted Infinity Mirror

Where This item is SoldEdit

This item is sold at At Home, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and Lowe's as well as Lowe's Canada.

Different Versions Edit

  • Donna Face (Blue) (Sold at At Home, Old Time Pottery)
  • Donna Face (Red) (Sold at Lowes)
  • Spirit of Fire (Blue) (Sold at TJ Maxx)
  • Reaper Face (Red) (sold at Michaels)
  • talking reaper face (red) (Unreleased)
  • skull and crossbones (blue) (Unreleased)

Haunted Infinity Mirror (Red Donna Face)


This item uses the same soundtrack as the black gowned Donna The Dead with severed head.


Haunted Infinity Mirror (Red Reaper Face)

Haunted Infinity Mirror00:31

Haunted Infinity Mirror

Video of the Haunted Infinity Mirror in action.

Bandicam 2017-09-24 21-22-02-713

skull and crossbones

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