Pirate skeleton

Pirate skeleton

Gemmy head-beholder

One Eyed Zombie

Head Beholder Zombie


Were you looking for the earlier model of the Head Be-Holder, the Head in Hands Skeleton?

The Head Be-Holders are animated Halloween props made in 2004. They appear to drop their heads, catching it in their hands while swinging their hips and reciting head related puns. Aside from phrases, they occasionally sing songs as well.

Series Edit

Pirate Skeleton - A skeleton that wears a purple and gold jacket, white and red pants, a pirate hat, an eyepatch, a white and red shirt, and a beige cloth belt. He sings "Get Down Tonight."

Zombie - A zombie with light brown hair that wears a brown jacket, brown cloth belt, and black pants. He sings "Get Down Tonight." Instead of having a moving jaw, his head is synchronized with a red LED light in his right eye that flashes when he speaks.

Skeleton - Not much is known about the skeleton Head Be-holder. He has the same head mold as the Head In Hands Skeleton, with no moving mouth nor light up eyes. He wears the same clothing as the skeleton Grave Ravers. It is unknown what song is sung but it was likely "Get Down Tonight". It was only ever seen once in a store tour video.

Trivia Edit

Gemmy zombie homer simpson

Homer Simpson Zombie

 There is an unreleased Zombie Homer Simpson prototype of this series. He wears a white shirt, a tattered light green jacket, and light blue colored tattered jeans. According to an email from Gemmy Industries, it would have sang "Why Can't We Be Friends".
Gemmy Be-Holders Pirate Skeleton

Gemmy Be-Holders Pirate Skeleton