The Henry VIII bust is an animated prop made in 1999. He gives the appearance of an actual bust of Henry VIII, which sits on a square base with a banner like nameplate with his name on it. When activated, the Henry VIII bust comes to life and moves his mouth as he sings "I'm Henry VIII I am".


Henry VIII bust in the box


-This item appears to be quite similar to the Beethoven Bust.

-This item makes a slighty hard to notice appearance somewhere in the Gemmy Industries toy fair 2000 video on YouTube.

-He was sold at Spencer's Gifts.

Gemmy Animated "Talking Henry VIII Bust" (Henry VIII I Am) RARE07:36

Gemmy Animated "Talking Henry VIII Bust" (Henry VIII I Am) RARE

Henry VIII bust in action

Singing Henry VIII Statue

Henry VIII bust


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