Hip Swinging Santa is an animated Christmas figure made in 1998. Santa wears a white shirt with a black vest over it that has 2 gold buttons on it, red pants with fur around his ankles and black boots, his signature red hat on his head, and glasses. He swings his hips back and forth and moves his arms up and down while singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" or "Here Comes Santa Claus".

HIP SWINGING SANTA GEMMY PRODUCT 1998 Animated sings and dances

Hip swinging Santa with box


  • There is another version of this item that wears red footie pajamas.
  • This item was remade in 2000, but without a base, and the button is between his feet.
  • There is a very rare, Canadian variant with a different voice recording.
Hip Swinging Santa

Hip Swinging Santa

Hip swinging Santa in action

  • There is an version that instead of push button activation, it activates by pressing an arm. And there's no red button on the base either. It sings here Comes Santa Claus. Very rare to find.