The Hokey Pokey Bulldog is an animated plush figure made in 2004. He wears a red, yellow, and blue baseball cap, red and yellow overalls, and a blue and white striped shirt. He also gives the realistic appearance of a real bulldog. When activated, he moves his arms up and down and spings in a 360 degree circle in both directions while singing "Hokey Pokey".

Gemmy Industries Bulldogs Dances & Sings ''HOKEY POKEY''

Hokey Pokey Bulldog


-His appearance looks visually alike to an older Gemmy item: Party Pooch.

-For some odd reason, the Gemmy logo is on the spinner base, and not the base itself, when normally, Gemmy items with a spinning mechanism have the Gemmy logo on both the spinning base, AND the battery compartment cover.

Gemmy Animated Singing & Dancing Spinning Bulldog ''Hokey Pokey'' EXTREMELY RARE!01:11

Gemmy Animated Singing & Dancing Spinning Bulldog ''Hokey Pokey'' EXTREMELY RARE!

Hokey Pokey Bulldog in action

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