The Holiday Hillbilly Trio is an animated Christmas tabletop decoration made in 2008. This trio features (From left to right) a penguin, reindeer and a polar bear. The penguin wears a red hat that reads "Bub" on it, and suspenders. He holds a jug that reads "X-mas" on it. The reindeer wears a straw hat and suspenders. He holds a washing rack that reads "Scratchy" on it. The polar bear wears a staw hat with a blue patch on it, a red banana with white polka dots on it, and suspenders with red patches on them. The characters move their heads side to side while singing a hillbilly version of "We wish you a merry Christmas" together and separately.

Rare!! Vtg 2008 GEMMY ''Hillbilly Trio'' CHRISTMAS ANIMATED SCENE

Holiday Hillbilly Trio in the box

Hillbilly trio

Holiday Hillbilly Trio

Xmas hillbilly trio00:30

Xmas hillbilly trio

Hillbilly trio in action

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