The Spencers exclusive In Da Club

The In Da Club Frogz is an animated plush frog made in 2005. He wears a black jacket, white shirt, sunglasses, and a sideways baseball cap. He moves his head and arms in a hip hop fashion while singing "In Da Club"

In da club frogz

Rappin frogz00:28

Rappin frogz

The standing santa version


  • They made a mouse, bunny, hamster and a Penguin (made by funtime) version. Funtime made a large standing Frog that sang the same in da club song.
  • They also sold a purple explic
    Dancing Frog00:27

    Dancing Frog

    The original green frog.

    it one at spencers gifts along with Because i got high and Redneck woman frogz.
  • There is also a giant standing Christmas Santa Frogz that sings In Da Club from Gemmy
  • This was one of the 1st frogz ever.
  • This is the most common Frogz.
  • This Frogz is later used in NFL Frogz


In Da Club Original00:24

In Da Club Original

There were a few In Da Club frogz made. Walmart and kmart had them from 2005 to 2008.

Places To BuyEdit

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