Jacque is a hamster made in 2002, and is part of the Dancing Hamsters collection. He wears a black helemt, and a red hockey jersey. He holds a hockey stick in his right hand. He moves his hockey stick up and down and sways side to side while singing "Ice Ice Baby".

Dancing Hamsters-Jacque

Jacque in the box


-The 2003 one and the 2002 one look totally different, with the 2002 in a Soft helmet and the 2003 in a hard helmet.

-There is another one named Guy who has the same circuit board but instead of wearing a red shirt, he wears a blue shirt. Also one called Stephan which wears the same outfit as Jacque, but sings Sergei's "Good Old Hockey Game".

Dancing Hamster Collection JACQUE "Ice Ice Baby"00:40

Dancing Hamster Collection JACQUE "Ice Ice Baby"

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