Jacque is a hamster made in 2002, and is part of the Dancing Hamsters collection. He wears a black helemt, and a red hockey jersey. He holds a hockey stick in his right hand. He moves his hockey stick up and down and sways side to side while singing "Ice Ice Baby".

Dancing Hamsters-Jacque

Jacque in the box


-The 2003 one and the 2002 one look totally different, with the 2002 in a Soft helmet and the 2003 in a hard helmet.

-There is another one named Guy who has the same circuit board but instead of wearing a red shirt, he wears a blue shirt. Also one called Stephan which wears the same outfit as Jacque, but sings Sergei's "Good Old Hockey Game".

Dancing Hamster Collection JACQUE "Ice Ice Baby"

Dancing Hamster Collection JACQUE "Ice Ice Baby"