The Kringle Jingle Band is an animated multi-piece Christmas decoration made in 2005. It features Santa Claus with a black and white electric guitar, and 2 elves. The elf dressed in red holds a trumpet and has dark green pants, and a red hat. The elf dressed in green holds a saxophone and wears red pants, and a matching hat with white spots on it. When activated, Santa introduces the members of his band and then they start to play. Santa swings his hips and arms and moves his head and mouth while the elves twist side to side, playing their instruments to 4 different Christmas songs.

RARE Gemmy Kris and the Kringle Jingle Three-Piece Band

Kringle Jingle Band

RARE Gemmy Kris and the Kringle Jingle Three-Piece Band 2

Kringle Jingle Band's box

List of songs
"Santa's Gonna Swing Tonight"
"Jump, Jive and Then You Wail"
"Christmas Swing Melody"
"Jingle Bells"
Kringle jingle band-000:55

Kringle jingle band-0

Kringle Jingle Band in action

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