The krusty the clown dashboard wobbler figure is made in 2003, and is based on the simpsons character "Krusty the clown". He says many different phrases and sings his own version of the song "Superfreak".


  • "Well I'm not leaving 'till I get paid. Give 500 just for Hey Hey."
  • "You people are the worst audience I've ever seen!"
  • "(Laughing) Man, you think the jolly would get past you 55 hundered joes, but (Laughing).
  • "You sir, are an idiot."
  • "Hey Hey!!! (Laughing)"
  • "Now for my favorite part of the show!"
  • "Hey Hey! (Laughing) Did I miss anything?"
  • "All these years I should've been working on my act, but I was too busy selling out!"
  • "I get to take the audy? Now that's sanish!"
Vintage simpsons Singing talking Krusty clown

Dashbaord krusty in the box


-In the song "Superfreak", the music used actually comes from the same recording as the Big head skeleton.

Dashboard Talking and Singing Krusty the Clown

Dashboard krusty the clown

Talking Krusty

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