The lifesize Freddy Krueger was made in 2005. He is wearing his signature red and green sweater, brown pants, hat and finger knives from the movie. When activated by motion or button, he turns his head and moves his eyes and mouth as he says different phrases.

Lifesize Freddy Krueger

Phrases Edit

  • "You're mine now piggy ! (laughs) "
  • " Trick or Treat ! (laughs)"
  • " Come here little piggy, Freddy's got a treat for ya !"
  • "This Halloween will be the stuff that nightmares are made of ! (laughs)"
  • "Come trick or treat at my house, it's over on Elm Street. I'll leave the light on for ya (laughs)"
  • " Halloween's my favorite time of year"
  • " I'm gonna split you in two !"
  • " Ever play skin the cat ? (laughs)"
  • "Come to Freddy !"
  • " Welcome to my nightmare !"
  • "Tell em Freddy sent ya"
  • "Aw whats wrong ? Did someone have a nightmare ?!"

Where this item was soldEdit

  • He was sold only at Spencer's and Spirit Halloween

Trivia Edit

  • Some versions have reverse eye movement.
  • Freddy's sold in 2006 had purple try-me buttons on the base. 2005 versions didn't.
Gemmy 2005 Freddy Krueger (RARE)

Gemmy 2005 Freddy Krueger (RARE)

Lifesize Freddy Kruger in action