The Lifesize Medusa is a Halloween prop made in 2014-2015. 

Lifesize Medusa.


It's Medusa, and she's wearing a green and purple dress. When activated via motion, sound, or try me button (Not included), her eyes and mouth light up, and the snakes move and hiss while she says phrases.

Phrases Edit

  • " You dare to look me in the eyes? It will be the last thing you see! (laughs)"
  • " One look in my eyes and I'll turn you to stone!"
  • "Look a little closer. Tell me what you see when my eyes glow for you."
  • "Let me look into your soul before I turn you to stone!"
  • "How dare you look at me that way! You will be stone in no time!"
  • "Come to Medusa. Look me in the eyes and tell me what you see."


-She was only sold at Menards. 

Animated life-size Medusa01:12

Animated life-size Medusa. Gemmy

Lifesize Medusa in action.

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