Michael Myers is a rare life size made between 2009-2010
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Rob Zombie life size Michael Myers

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H2O life size Michael Myers


Rob Zombie variation [2009]- He is wearing a grey cracked mask and brown coveralls. He is also holding a bloody knife

H2O variation [2010]- He is wearing a White mask with black pupils, and is wearing a blue coveralls. He is also holding a bloody knife

Both versions perform the same animation. When activated via push button, motion sensor, or sound, he will turn his head, move his eyes, turn side to side, and raise his knife up, while he breathes and the Halloween theme plays.


  • Both the Rob Zombie and H20 variations were sold at Spirit. The Rob Zombie variation was sold in 2009, and the H20 variation was sold in 2010.
    Gemmy Animated Lifesize Michael Myers01:10

    Gemmy Animated Lifesize Michael Myers

    H2O version in action

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