Dancing mini Hamster Party Rick (possible name?) by Gemmy

Dancing mini Hamster Party Rick (possible name?) by Gemmy

Party Rick (possible name?) the Party like a rock star version


Buster and Blaze

 The Mini Hamsters are smaller and more cartoony looking Dancing Hamsters made from 2006-2008. Hamsters for Easter and Valentine's Day were made in 2009.

List of Mini Dancing HamstersEdit

Hamster Song Series
April It's Raining Men Movers N' Shakers
Ben Should've Been A Cowboy Country Fried
Birthday Birthday (Beatles) Birthday
Birthday Dude Happy Birthday Birthday
Birthday Princess Happy Birthday Birthday
Blaze Fire Workers
Bud It's Five O' Clock Somewhere Country Fried
Bunny (Yellow) Easter Bunny (Rockin' Robin Parody) Easter
Bunny (Purple) I Want Candy Easter
Buster Walking On The Sun Rockers
Calvin Macho Man Workers
Chick Chicken Dance Classics
Daisy Redneck Woman Country Fried
David Bowie Let’s Dance Unknown
Devil Fire Valentine's
Dolly Brick House Movers N' Shakers
Graduation Graduation Song Graduation
Hampton Hamster Dance Classics
Hyper Hank I Like To Move It Movers N' Shakers
Idol Since U Been Gone Unknown
Izzy We're Not Gonna Take It Rockers
Joan I Love Rock N' Roll Rockers
Jorge La Bamba Classics
Kung Fu Jr. Kung Fu Fighting Classics
Luau Aloha Oe Luau
Party Rick Party Like A Rockstar Unknown
Phi Beta Hamster Graduation Song Graduation
Porter Come On And Ride It Da Train Workers
Rihanna Umbrella Unknown
Two Bits In Da Club Classics
Webster Word Up Movers N' Shakers
Wiggles Wiggle It Movers N' Shakers
Wrangler Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy Country Fried
Yankee Doodle Boy Yankee Doodle Boy Patriotic
Yankee Drummer Yankee Doodle Patriotic
Unnamed Hamster Money Maker Unknown
Unnamed Hamster Who Put The Bomp Valentine's


This is the third incarnation of the Dancing Hamsters. They were preceded by the 2001 rubber hamsters and 2002-04 plush hamsters, and succeeded by the 2012-2013 and 2015 hamsters.

There are two versions of the mini hamster "Hampton". The first resembles a typical mini hamster while the other resembles the character from the popular Hampsterdance website.

This was the only time the Dancing Hamsters were officially (according to a checklist) arranged into series depending on the type of music they played, similar to the Frogz line released around the same time.

This would be the last time the Hamsters had official names, like the original versions, as the two later incarnations did not follow this trend.

A few of the Mini Hamsters have similar outfits to those of Frogz.