Monster Munchies are a series of Halloween characters made in 2007-2009. Each character holds a black and orange candy bowl (there are color variants) that can be filled with candy. When activated, they say phrases as their eyes light up (some characters eyes even move). In 2017, a mummy version was made.

Characters Edit


Grim reaper

Donna The Dead (With shoes or bare feet)

Dr. Shivers


Fat butler


Scarecrow (2 versions)

Frankenstein (Target exclusive)

Witch (Target exclusive)

Vampire w/ big red eyes

Vampire (Target exclusive)

Mummy (2017)


Trivia Edit

-The Butler, Scarecrow, regular Vampire, Skeleton and the 2017 Mummy are the only Monster Munchies with moving eyes

-These are sometimes referred to as Treater Greeters however those are a different item.

-The Witch, White Vampire and Frankenstein were Target exclusives.

- The Grim Reaper's candy bowl is very different from the others, due to the fact that it not some variant of the striped bowl. It is instead solid green with the words "Treats no Tricks" written on the front in red lettering.

- After 10 years in 2017, Gemmy finally added another character to the line, a mummy.

Videos Edit

Gemmy Animated Monster Munchies Mini Me Butler00:46

Gemmy Animated Monster Munchies Mini Me Butler

MM Butler in action

Treater Greeter- Skeleton00:28

Treater Greeter- Skeleton

MM Skeleton in action

Gemmy 3ft Treeter Greeters01:31

Gemmy 3ft Treeter Greeters

MM Screaming Ghoul and Dr Shivers in action

Gemmy Candy Bowl Donna the Dead 200:46

Gemmy Candy Bowl Donna the Dead 2.5'

MM Donna the Dead in action

Greeter Candy Bowl00:48

Greeter Candy Bowl

MM Fat Butler in action

Gemmy Treater Greeter Vampire (Closeup Demo)00:37

Gemmy Treater Greeter Vampire (Closeup Demo)

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