The Movin' Monkeys is a series of animated plush monkeys made in 2006-2007. Each Monkey has a different colored body and wears a hat. Each one spins 360 degrees in both directions and move its head and arms while singing a popular song.

List of CharactersEdit

Mimi (Pink) - "Tootsie Roll" - wears viser

Moe (Yellow) - "Dizzy" - wears propeller hat

Munchkin (Dark purple) - "Der Kommisar"

Mambo (Dark green) - "La Bamba" - wears sombrero

Mogambo (Light green) - "It's Your Birthday" - wears birthday hat

Mushi (Light purple) - "I Like The Way You Move" - wears baseball cap

Mongo (Orange) - "You Spin Me Right Round"

Mocha (Tan) - "Temperature"

Mojo (Brown) - "I Like To Move It" - wears fez

Valentine's Day (Pink) - "I like the way you move"-Wears pink fez


Movin' Monkey-000:22

Movin' Monkey-0

Movin' Monkeys-Mocha in action

(Gemmy) Movin Monkey - Mongo - You Spin me right round baby!00:44

(Gemmy) Movin Monkey - Mongo - You Spin me right round baby!

Movin' Monkeys-Mongo in action

Der Kommissar Monkey-000:32

Der Kommissar Monkey-0

Movin' Monkeys-Munchkin in action

Gemmy Movin' Monkeys - Mogambo00:27

Gemmy Movin' Monkeys - Mogambo

Movin' Monkeys-Mogambo in action

Gemmy moving monkeys mambo00:27

Gemmy moving monkeys mambo

Movin' Monkeys-Mambo in action

(Gemmy) Movin Monkey-Moe-"Dizzy"00:26

(Gemmy) Movin Monkey-Moe-"Dizzy"

Movin' Monkeys-Moe in action

Moving' monkey Mimi (New camera)00:35

Moving' monkey Mimi (New camera)

Movin' Monkeys-Mimi in action

Moving monkey Mojo (New camera)00:39

Moving monkey Mojo (New camera)

Movin' Monkeys-Mojo in action

Gemmy Movin Monkey00:37

Gemmy Movin Monkey

Movin' Monkeys-Mushi in action

(Gemmy) Movin' Monkeys - Valentines - I Like the Way (RARE)00:28

(Gemmy) Movin' Monkeys - Valentines - I Like the Way (RARE)

Movin' Monkeys-Valentine in action

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