The My Sharona Frogz is an animated plush frog made in 2005. 
"My Sharona" 2 - Frogz00:35

"My Sharona" 2 - Frogz

My Sharona Frogz in orange.

He wears a white suit with black necktie. He wiggles his hands and moves his head up and down while he sings "My Sharona".


-There are green and orange versions, but the green versions seems to be more rare than the orange version.

-He has the same movements as the Kriss Kross Frogz.

The Orange version was only available at KB toys.

-There is a shiny green version, as well as a shiny orange one.

He is part of the 80's category. Though the song was made in the 70's

Frogz - My Sharona00:35

Frogz - My Sharona

My Sharona Frogzin action

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